Our mission is the simple, powerful, act of caring more. We prioritize the needs of everyday people and aim to help people see their money in a way no one has ever shown them before.

The Celebrity Difference

We educate, empower and enable people to improve their financial lives, and as a result, their whole lives.

Our Company Values

Make it better.

We embrace a spirit of questioning and improving. It’s everyone’s right, and responsibility, to speak up about how we can improve. We ask why, questioning the assumptions and the way it’s always been. We embrace tech and data to expand access, knowledge, and offerings, finding new ideas and approaches to improve ourselves, our communities, our industry, and the financial lives of the people we serve.

Our Company Values

Own it.

We own our work, our word, and our commitments. We own our mistakes, and learn from them,without shying away from trying new things and aiming higher. Celebrity Financial is a company for people who do the right thing, get it done, and go the extra mile, all with a sense of purpose and ownership, and guided by a compass that never waivers.

Our Company Values

Educate, empower & enable.

We believe in the power of financial literacy and our ability to help people make sense of money, but we also create new tools and build in behaviors to help make success easier. We’re teachers, coaches, and innovators, finding the moments and opportunities where we can improve financial understanding, decision-making, and outcomes.

Our Company Values

Break down barriers.

Everything we do begins with open, empathetic, and honest communication. To overcome the taboo conversations around money and our business, we must practice extreme transparency to build trust. Celebrity Financial is committed to embracing in the uncomfortable, fearlessly welcoming hard conversations and offering direct advice, feedback, and wisdom.

We’re building a collection of companies that’s driven by more than just profit. Our strategic, data-driven approach to growth is about creating a seamless experience that crosses financial lives, removing barriers and making financial success more accessible and more achievable.

David RobnettChairman & CEO, Celebrity Financial

The rapidly expanding Celebrity Financial Family of companies that makes our mission come to life.

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